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Canned Food and Veggie Zombies–Apocalypse Week!

Well it’s here–apocalypse week! So here are a few thoughts and ideas to get you through eternal damnation.

Things to remember for the apocalypse:-

Forget queuing for petrol, water is the new gold. Store plenty of bottled water.

Get canned food if you have no camping stove(and remember the can opener–nothing  worse than leaving home without one) oh, and if you’re civilized, don’t forget a spoon/fork/knife.

Apocalypse food:-

Providing you’ve managed to get some canned food, here are some yummy delights that will brighten up your post-apocalyptic days…remember, these don’t need heating up to be great.

You will need a can opener…

Baked beans…always a favourite…even cold 🙂


Canned fruit (contains sugary water which might come in handy)

Canned potatoes or veg( so you can a balanced meal)

Canned tuna with pretty much anything tomato flavoured including:-


Chopped tomatoes

Canned spaghetti (an italian favourite with fish) Yum!

Jamie Oliver…eat your heart out

Actually, scrap all that…lets just eat Jamie Oliver instead!( Only joking…I love Jamie’s 15 min meals)

You will also need a lighter/matches, a wind up torch and a camping knife for just about everything.

MP3 play list:- Radiohead and various.

Watch out for zombies too, they kind of resemble Chavs or One Direction fans so it’s hard to tell them apart…but, this is important…remember it’s the brain that has to be destroyed to kill them!!!

(just a thought…do veggetarian people become veggie zombies?…hummmm? Protect those canned peas and carrots!)

Have a happy apocalypse and even happier Christmas! 🙂

If the world was ending, what would you be doing in those last few hours? What would be on your apocalypse playlist if you had one? Remember, keep it clean. 🙂

See you on the other side (the new year of course). 🙂

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