Cafe Three-Zero

CafeThree-Zero is an on-line collaborative literary venture, a publisher of e-books, and a fertile environment for creative writing. The members of the Cafe met whilst studying an on-line creative writing course with the Open University.  None of the authors have ever met but have pooled their talents to produce their first book, Tales from the Cafe – Volume 1. This book, available from the 10th November 2011 contains twenty-three short stories with a wide range of subject matter from Gothic horror in the Wild West to the battlefields of World War II, from Twitter-obsessed fairytale princesses to a time travelling taxidermist. The authors come from all walks of life, hold down day jobs, and share a strong interest in writing fiction. All the contributing author’s stories start from original ideas, forum inspired themes, and undergo peer review before seeing the “e” light of day.
You can find information about Cafe Three-Zero on the website and blog. You can also follow by Twitter and Facebook.  Don’t forget to look out for my contribution to the book To Wander A Pale Sky and check out all the very talented author’s own blogs/Facebook and Twitter accounts.!/CafeThreeZero

RED, Tales From The Cafe:Volume 2- available now through Smashwords and Amazon

Cafe Three-Zero Author blogs

Joseph P Clarkson

Amanda Garrie

Claire Mitchell-Tsamados

Heidi McFadden

Jobie Baldwin

Joyce Moyes

Kay Lawrence and


Neil Stevens

Nicola Collins

Phil Wilson

Richard Gibson

Richard Kefford

Vayla Berry

William Barrett

Jim Mcilroy

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