About A.C.Fullwood and Narrative Space

I am a writer and artist with a passion for fantasy, mysteries and the esoteric. I love a good story; any tale that leaves you thinking long after a book has finished.  A good book can enrich our lives, encourage and entertain us. When they touch the soul, they can often become our companions through life.

Hello and welcome to Narrative Space, my new blog hub for fantasy, Sci-Fi/dystopian and supernatural fiction. Here you will find book reviews, posts about themes or characters along with my ramblings and observations about speculative fiction and related subjects. There will be a dash of horror and magical realism too, and you might even find my love of history and folklore creeping in, from time to time. After all, history has a huge influence on my writing.

Please take some time to navigate the site. You will find sections on character and genre and all my links to stories that I’ve had published. There’s also the opportunity to follow by email so you don’t miss any new posts or book reviews.

Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “About A.C.Fullwood and Narrative Space

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you find it insightful, interesting and informative.
    I had a chance to look through and read some of your blog as well. Good stuff and fascinating.
    Glad I stopped by.

    • Welcome, and I’m glad you stopped by too. There will be plenty more to come in the way of writing books, reviews and ramblings of my own, so come back soon. 🙂

  2. I like your website! It’s always great when authors update frequently, and I love that you are doing NaNo. 🙂

    • Thanks, I try to keep things fresh. I’ve got to take the weekend off from NaNo–but I’ll be back at it on Monday– hopefully writing double the word count.:)

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